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Center for Infertility and Reproductive Medicine in Bariloche is a scientific, technical and caring entity with more than 25 years of experience in Southern Argentina (Patagonia). It was created based on the need to try to help infertile patients of all of our geographic area, unable to travel to provincial capitals in the north of our country, for work or residence complications as more than 1000 km separate us with other destinations, such as the district capital.
Secondly our dedication is in the personal attention given to couples; their fears, past experiences and their contention are our daily work. Accompanying them in the passing of days of testing and treatment "together" makes them happy to welcome and accept the tests because they understand the need to judiciously assess their anatomy and physiology. But this would not be enough without the constant effort to achieve pregnancy from all our staff, devoting many hours to study, to upgrade and overhaul our permanently renewed equipment, to improve in every case the effectiveness of treatment and allow these couples to achieve their dream of parenthood.

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