Bariloche, a dream city, hosts one of the first Assisted Fertilization Center in Patagonia,Argentina, providing prodigious attention to local and foreign visitors. Few cities in Argentina and the world have the warmth and care that the city of Bariloche can offer to people from other countries. Used receiving tourists, Bariloche has that mixture of cosmopolitan city and small mountain village, since it's nestled on the shores of Nahuel Huapi lake of glacial origin, surrounded by mountains and holds a paradise for sailing and salmon fishing. Various excursions invite you to contact with nature, forests, hills and lakes, filling each trip with its special charm and enjoyment.
Patients choose Bariloche when it comes to treatments because it has everything they need: warmness, attention, cordiality, security and all the benefits that current technology may impose. A wide variety of hotels, make it hard to choose, since there is great diversity from Lodges, cabins, hostels, ecc; where there is splendid and personalized attention everywhere you stay at. The distance from Buenos Aires (Country Capital City) can be done through many options of journal flights, making a quick and simple connection to and from the international airport. Also, Bariloche can be the beggining of a tour journey in Argentina and Chile.

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