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When in early 2010 we decided to find out fertility treatments, we knew that would not be able to do this on our own, so we started to review some websites and we were seduced by the possibility of treatment in our city and decided to make an appointment.

From the first moment, when we were attended by Monica, we relaxed because we begin to breathe a certain human quality, that everywhere else had been lost.

As soon as we met with Juan Manuel, we had no doubt that we were with a team that would take care of us, as they actually did.

We began to get to know them little by little, each one of them, and were pleasantly surprised by all, not just by the professionalism with which they treated us but for the human part. It is impossible not to relate emotionally to the team ...

So far everything went perfectwe do not know the results, but "we did it", at least we can say we tried it and we would do it again, whether or not a positive outcome, which we'll know in twelve days.

Right now we want to say thanks to Monica for being the first person who greeted us and referred us immediately with Juan Manuel, who never gave us a no for an answer, told us everything is possible and it was, thanks doctor.

Thanks Miriam, for your maternal instinct, taking care of us throughout the treatment, always involved with their profession, there are no words that describe you, just thank you.

Thanks Nacho, for always being alert to our problems. Like the rest, your phone is available 24 hours for any question, he lovingly cared for us, made ​​us think, write and get emotional, how can we not appreciate you for all this?

Thanks Flor, for receiving us every day, committed to all of us and always on the lookout for our needs, from a recipe to the water for mate.

And the rest of the team who you hardly get to see, the biochemist Sergio, Mauro genius shy he hardly saw us but we know he worked hard for us , Viviana and all the operating room, we have no words that can demonstrate the depth of our gratitude.

We will come back for more.

Thank you so much.

Noe y Emi.

We find it very easy to speak well of CEDYT, the human quality you breathe in every discussion, consultation, monitoring, or step into the center is exceptional.

It highlights the people and the group that make the commitment into the speech and professionalism with their actions and have no more to give than peace of mind on every step forward, I would say that you are in a family atmosphere, you never want to leave the place. We even felt that in other couples who are longing for the same.

With their contention we unite, beyond our backgrounds and beliefs.

We want to clear out that it's the second time we are treated in Cedyt.

It strengthens us as future parents and shows us new paths of hope.

With our experience we can recommend to always consult a fertility specialist, if you don't want to waste any time.

Of course our thanks to Juan Manuel, our doctor and his team, helping us to achieve our dream of parenthood.

Maria Alejandra Rojas

Some time ago we had a dream, and today upon waking, our dream smiles at us ...

We thought that our story had started when we decided to get married, until we wanted to have a child and the search became harder and harder every day.

After nearly seven years of trying, with disappointments, tears and bitterness, thinking that we had to settle with not having someone to tell our story, not having someone to pass on our principles, our values​​, our kisses and hugs from Mom and Dad. We were really disappointed and with no strength to keep looking.

Today we can say that our dream begins with the crying of our daughter in the delivery room. It's been already two months dreaming and being confident that we will not wake up again since every smile and gesture of our daughter feels like dreaming.

We have a beautiful daughter who gives us the most important thing human beings do in the world, being parents.

We want to tell whoever is going through what we went did that is very important not to give up, that thanks to God we found a place where people knew how to contain and respect the value this quest had for us. We've visited many places where attention was totally depersonalized and we were treated like cattle, but for us that's a story, since we learn online about Dr. Bonina and his team ... it was our last attempt. We now have in Bariloche two embryos waiting to be transferred to our daughter to have siblings.

Strength to those who seek to have a child, we wish from the depths of our hearts.

Ariel and Alejandra.

Manuel Bonina:

I venture to start this way my letter because I feel it like this: I do not think there is a day on which we don't remember with Mauricio the days we were in Bariloche. From the first telephone contact with the secretaries, which was essential to encourage us to start the consultation and the first trip. We could say that we felt at home, protected and contained, because we know that what we were doing wasn't easy at all, it required commitment, responsibility and above all, the confidence of both of us.

What I will always stand out and not to flatter, is the charisma the willingness with which he showed from the first consultation, I think when you are going to take a big change in your life, turning the page on the past and facing a new road, you are sensitive to every situation and every gesture of the person who is there in such an important moment, being every little detail a possible cause to reject the possibility of moving forward. Do not get me wrong, but every look, every gesture every handshake influences the relationship patient-doctor, whom, without losing respect for their professionalism, should have a balance that makes us trust them to raise doubts, fears and conflicts that usually do not arise elsewhere, for that reason I thank you for that look of confidence and that loving hug when we needed it most. We wanted a dream and returned with a treasure such as giving birth to a little person, the miracle of nature, the complement of science, something thought not possible years ago.

We miss it already, there are places where one gets treated and it doesn't matter the query or urgency, but one is a member of a social work, leaving a medical order, a patient-client as a trade in health, on which one must try to ask everything we can within that period because the doctor looks at his watch or indicates the arrival of the next turn. My grandmother is a retired pediatrician, you could say I know a little these places and it got me a few disappointments. Since I was 15 years old, I was a medical secretary in the summer, more personal experiences with my family in which belies the misconduct of many "professionals". I was always very critical, I remember I called them only by his name, and he would turn and say to me: "Call me Doctor". I think the title does not make a career or a man, that the vocation and the ethics are not purchased, is part of every being.

I congratulate the working group that integrates your Center, both Miriam and Ignacio are two exceptional human beings, excellent professional and very caring, with great determination, which provides the necessary contention, hard to see in other places, said by the medical audit of SEROS(medical insurance) to whom I told everything, "as in the first world" ( I took the audacity to give his number.)

Well I say goodbye, but remember that in Trelew you have some friends who make bread and pizzas, there are whales, penguins, beaches. When you relate to people as authentic as you, and they are part of an event so special and magical, they become part of our life history and the treasure we found in Bariloche.

A kiss and a hug for everyone.

Anahí, Rafael, Mauricio, Baby and Yanina. Tierra del Fuego 160. Tel. 02965-433248.

Trelew- Chubut. CP 9.100

Hi Juan, we are very grateful and compliant with the support, care and especially for the contention that we' ve been offered at the Center. Sometimes the perceptions and experiences are contingent upon results, and it is very difficult to abstract.

But we also want to clarify that despite having made ​​several fertility treatments, we felt very comfortable in CEDyT facilities (at home) and we believe that together with your medical staff, with our energies reinforced and the love and security that your experience provides us, we will fulfill our greatest dream.

Nieves Romera and Mariano Gil.

Dr. Juan Manuel Bonina and his entire team:

We can no thank you enough for the assistance received at our first IVF treatment, I personally feel the obligation to spread the human quality that is within CeDyT, warmth in the treatment of all members of this great team and to emphasize that we have here, just around home, in our province, or if you will, in the center of the country, changing from a famous saying: "God does not work only in Buenos Aires, also works in Bariloche.

Beyond the results that each one gets, I'd like to leave a message like: "There are no failures, only the longest struggles" and lets take it as a slogan to regain strength in case you need to rest assured that there are people "BIG", who will not allow us to give up ...

Good luck to all who pass through CeDyT ... congratulations to the positive and hope and light for those who still can not reach their dream.

Judith and Juan. Sierra Grande-RN

My name is Victoria, I have 35 years and I am seven months pregnant.

Today I can say with my husband after three years that our dream of parenthood is a reality.

We tell you it was not an easy road, at first we tried naturally. But I've been discovered to have polycystic ovaries. From that point we decided to consult a fertility specialist.

This was how we met Dr. Bonina, he explained everything about our problem and the steps to be taken, he said it would be a long way to go, that it was important to move forward slowly and persevere in the pursuit of pregnancy.

Treatment started. at first it was quite invasive and going to the doctor became a daily routine, we attended the consultations as a couple to scroll through the results, we lived moments of great anxiety with ups and downs. We began by inducing ovulation (thankfully with very good results) and relations scheduled but after a while we decided to perform artificial insemination. With this treatment I got pregnant twice. But I had two abortions, the first after two months and the second and most traumatic, while I was carrying twins, was after four months.

It was very important to overcome these very hard moments the support we received from Dr. Bonina and his team, always respecting our times while encouraging us to move forward. The bond created over time with the Dr. and his team was very strong , we felt accompanied, understood and fully confident knowing that they would be there to help us with our fears, doubts, disappointments as well as in moments of joy. We understood it was important not only the support among us, our families and perseverance, but also the containment and confidence in the specialists, feeling that they do their work with passion, commitment and certainty.

Today we kept in touch with Dr. Bonina telling them about the progress of our baby and we feel he is with us and is interested in the new life he helped create.

We will always be grateful to him and his team for helping to move this hard but the happy ending way we lived.

Hello! We are Eva and Diego from Esquel, Chubut. For seven years we have been trying to have a child, we went through several doctors whom never cleared our problem, we have actually been said we could not do anything.

In 2009 we happen meet Dr. Gustavo Cudini, who took an interest in our problem, or rather our case. After several studies tell us that we had several options to get to have our son.

We tried with two assisted inseminations that did not work.

But we didn't stop fighting for what we most wanted, so in June of 2010 we started to get treatment for In Vitro Fertilization, together with our doctor and the Reproductive Medicine Center, CEDyT Bariloche.

With many fears began to walk this path. But at every stage we were contained for the whole group working in the center of fertilization, as they mantain coordination with GPs and also have flexibility to couples from other places.

Always considering the needs of couples, both emotionally and economically.

It is very important to have the will and strength to fight for what you want beyond the results, always in pairs, engage in all that is requested or all of the time required to achieve this and we did this really eager since each visit to the medical center gave us more strength to keep going, so now after three months we are in the final stage, happy to have made every effort to realize our dream.

Part of all this happiness is owed CEDyT staff and our medical center:

Dr. Cudini, Gustavo

Dr. Bonina, Juan

Dr. Entrocasso, Ignacio




All the loving nurses

The anesthetist

We apologize if we forgot someone and not remember all the names, they are many and each is just as important. Thank you very much for being part of this special moment for us. Whatever the outcome is, we will be eternally grateful for all the love and patience they gave us.

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